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S-125-2TM PECHORA-2TM Air Defense

S-125-2TM PECHORA-2TM Medium Range Air Defence System


The S-125-2ТM PECHORA-2TM ADMS is designed to fight modern and advanced aerial attack assets in complex jamming environment. The S-125-2ТM PECHORA-2TM ADMS enables efficient destruction of low-altitude and small-size targets under the conditions of all types of jamming. In exceptional cases the ADMS can be employed to destroy radar-visible ground and water-surface targets.  


The S-125-2ТM PECHORA-2TM ADMS comprises combat assets and technical support assets.

Combat assets:

  • the SNR-125-2TM Missile Quidance Radar
  • the 5P73-2TM Launcher berthing 4 SAMs on guide-rails
  • the 5V27 Surface-to-Air Missiles (SAM)
  • the APSS-2ТМ Autonomous Power Supply System
Technical support assets:

  • the TRV-2TM Transportation-and-Reloading Vehicle
The following assets can additionally be attached to the ADMS:

  • the P-18T Radar target acquisition and target designation assets

Main combat characteristics of the S-125-2ТM ADMS


Maximum slant range of targets engaged35.4 km
Altitudes of engagement0.02 – 25 km
Maximum cross range of targets engaged25 km
Maximum speed of targets engaged900 m/s
Target kill probability, with one SAM0.85
Jamming immunity against active barrage jams (Deq=100 km)2700 W/MHz
Time to lock on a target for autotracking, by target designation data3 s
Minimal RCS of targets detected0.02 m²
Maximum range of detecting target100 km
Emplacement/displacement time20 / 20 min
ADMS service life    15 years