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Automated command post AKP-2DK

Automated command post AKP-2DK


Automated command post AKP-2DK is intended for comprehensive automatic solving of tasks on target detecting and tracking and automated preparation for combat activities and controlling fire of the combat assets of the S-125-2TM “Pechora-2TM” medium range ADMS and a battery of the T38 ‘Stilet’ short range ADMS.


AKP-2DK comprises the following:

1. Meter band surveillance radar TRS-2D.
The TRS-2D radar comprises the M1 equipment vehicle and the M2 control equipment vehicle.
2. Remote automation facility set of the commander’s automated workstation (KSA ARM-K).
KSA ARM-K is installed in the M2 control equipment vehicle.

The remote KSA ARM-K can be used as a means for providing remote control over the TRS-2D radar, S-125-2TM medium range ADMS, T38 ‘Stilet’ short range ADMS at a range of up to 5 km.

The software and algorithmic and technical system for information collecting and processing and for controlling combat units is implemented at the ARM-K automated workstation of the commander of AKP-2DK.



Number of controlled units, up to
Types of controlled assetsS-125-2TM ADMS,
T38 ‘Stilet’ ADMS
Number of automatically processed air objects, up to250
RI processing rate, s 5-10
Modes of operation standby,