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The Strela-10Ҕ

STRELA-10T Very Short Range Air Defence System

Designation of ADMS STRELA-10T

The STRELA-10T ADMS is designed for covering units and small-size objectives of the Army against low-flying aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles and other unmanned aerial vehicles in all kinds of the battle, on the march and at positions under the conditions of electronic jamming day and night. The main distinction of the newly developed system from the base-line version consists in its round-the-clock employment.

The STRELA-10T ADMS is capable of destructing the above-mentioned types of targets featuring a cross range of up to 3000 m and flying at speeds of up to 420 m/s when approaching and up to 310 m/s when receding at ranges of 800-5000 m and at altitudes of 10-3500 m.


Main Distinctions of the STRELA-10T from its base-line version

The STRELA-10T ADMS has been developed on the basis of the Strela-102 ADMS. Unlike the base-line version the upgraded combat vehicle of the newly developed system is able to carry out round-the-clock combat operations. The availability of data transmission equipment enables data exchange between combat vehicles (“leader-second” mode) as well as remote control of the combat operation process in the course of repelling aerial enemy strikes.

The combat vehicle of the STRELA-10T ADMS accommodates:

  • electro-optical system EOS-1;
  • digital computer system;
  • navigation equipment GPS;
The equipment of the STRELA-10T ADMS can be installed on a wheeled chassis.

Performance Characteristics of the STRELA-10T ADMS

Electro-optical system EOS-1
Thermal image channel
Detection range (F-15 type aircraft target), km
Field of vision, degrees5.1 3.9
Detection zone in azimuth, degrees360
Spectral range, micrometer8 -14
Detection range (F-15 type aircraft target), km2025
Field of vision, degrees
surveillance channel14.2 10.6
aiming channel4.9 3.7
Detection zone in azimuth, degrees360
Spectral range, nanometer0.55 – 1.05
Laser range finder
Range, km15
Spectral range, micrometer1.064
Destruction zone

in range, km0.85
in altitude, km0.013.5
in cross range, kmup to 3
Maximum speed of the targets engaged, m/s
when approaching415
when receding310
Fighter kill probability with a single SAM


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